Our private label solution allows you to market FPFs as your own product, leveraging your existing brand image and presence. In private labeling, every occurrence of the name "FPF" can be replaced by the name of your choice. Taking the advantage of having our own offset printing machine, we allow you to customize your own packaging box design with a very low cost.


Packaging Box Design Template

To create new artwork designs with your brand for the new items is always time consuming and costly. Since this, we provide our packaging box design template to you for saving up your initial costs. To create the artwork by our template, you only need to provide your logo, text or label to us, we will help you to finish the artwork design.

Promotional materials

Promotion and Sales of new products always accompanied a series of marketing materials. We are happy to share our existing materials, such as photos, for you to present to your clients, to make advertisements, or to do the promotional activities.


You may need the packaging box speak the native language of your market area. You only need to provide English Text and Tell us which language you want to translate; we will deal with the translation work for you.