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Prentend Play Toys.


3D Coloring Model Puzzle.


Life-sized Cardboard Blocks.

Foldable Paper Payhouse / Playset


A life-size toy that can be stored under the sofa.

A foldable Paper house is definitely an ideal toy at home. after assembly, it is big enough for kids to go inside. When it was collapsed, it can be stored under the sofa. Both are completed in just a few minutes.


Open a little world anytime, let children play creativity

In just a few minutes, a small world belongs to a child can be shown up. Children can carry out different imaginary journeys through different themed paper houses / play-sets. Kids can also create their vary own playhouse by coloring the beautiful images.


Big toys for children's parties, events or activities

Whether you are planning a children's party for your child, or you are struggling with school or publicity activities. A paper house or play-set might be a good idea. You will be amazed at how popular it is.

Ideal Time To Play Cardboard Playhouse


Bad Weather at home

When it’s raining, can’t take kids out to play? You can assemble a themed paper playhouse and let it lead the children’s imagination into their small world. Children can play for a whole day.


Invite child's friends and classmates to play at home

When children invite friends and classmates to play at home, paper playhouse or paper playset is definitely a good activity toy for entertaining children.


Host a birthday party or party for children...

To make a special gathering of children, a special toy is absolutely indispensable. When you open a paper house in the party, you will be amazed by its popularity!