FPF Makes a Giant Paper House for Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk Anniversary Carnival


We are pleased to have an opportunity to make a "Giant Paper House" for the 140th Anniversary Carnival held by Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk at the Victoria Park in Hong Kong on October 21, 2018.

This is a challenging project, the house is 3m wide x 2m deep x 2m high. To ensure the house structure is strong enough, our engineer designs this house referred to the wooden house structure.

The day before the event, we brought pre-made pillars, beams, walls and roofs to the site and assembled them with paper nails. We took about 1 hour to assemble. This house can be successfully exhibit, we must thanks to the great architecture. And also thanks the good weather.

Architecture plus beautiful hand-painting make this house becomes a focal point artwork.