New Igloo Playhouse Debut


The new igloo is coming soon. I will call this a moonlight version.

The designer said: "The previous design focus was to let the people in it feel the feeling of the Inuit (Eskimo) in the igloo against the harsh environment. So I think I shouldn't let too much light interior.But since our first igloo debut, I had been told that the interior of igloo is too dark and also the air is not circulated! I always want to solve this problem, so finally, I am very happy to introduce this new design igloo today."

The following are the three major revisions of the new design:

  1. The dome of this version igloo covered with the cutting of the stars, so that the people inside can see the glowing moon and stars. This new design can solve both the problem of insufficient indoor light and insufficient air circulation at the same time.
  2. The entrance remains tunnel-like, but assembly is now easier and more robust.
  3. The bottom plate is connected to the tunnel by interlocking, so that the bottom plate will no longer fall when you lift and move the igloo.

If you are interested to have our new igloo playhouse, you're welcome to contact us for more information.