New Logo Announcement


We are happy to announce that we will use the new logo from July 2020. We would like to share with you behind the new logo update.

We chose to retain the outline element of the previous logo as the moving line of change.

The text "Funny Paper Furniture" was replaced with the graphic text of the abbreviation "f.p.f.", which was composed of 3 Funpa and 3 leaves to add vitality to the logo. The designer also adopted the art design of figure ground illusion to make it more attractive.

The new logo more fully expressed our thoughts and original intentions, which is also a record for the journey of the past ten years.

In addition to becoming more interesting, it has also become more practical. It can be presented in different colors and can be matched with more different colored backgrounds. Simplified but not simple lines, so that it can be seen even if it is smaller.