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Cardboard DIY Automata Robot Toys

  • STEM
  • Automata Paper Model
  • Age 3+ (Recommended for 6+)
  • Made of 100% paper
  • Easy to assemble

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RoboX - Adam

Cardboard DIY Robot Toys

RoboX – Adam is the first member in the RoboX family. It is 40cm height cardboard DIY humanoid robot.

It made of unconventional unique mechanical structure. Assembled by 34 interlocks, no glue needed. There are 23 movable joints in the whole body, which can make different postures.Children can assemble by themselves according to the instructions of the manual, so as to cultivate patience and understanding.In addition, the white paper surface of the robot is very suitable for painting, coloring and pasting stickers or decorations, so that children can be creative.

RoboX is an unique paper mechanism system from FPF's original.

Children need only master some basic assembly techniques and skill to complete the entire assembly themselves. Children can enhance their comprehension, patience and self-confidence by assembling following the instruction step by step. It is no glue needed during the assembling.


Suitable Age6+
Assembled SizeW19.0 x D9.0 x H39.5 cm
Shipping SizeW48.6 x D3.6 x H29.5 cm
Shipping Weight1.00 kgs.

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