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Spaceship-Stardust I

Cardboard Wearable Toy Spaceship

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Spaceship – Stardust I is a 3D DIY cardboard coloring pretend play toys for kids. It is a perfect party toy and also an ideal gift for kids. It is eco-friendly, 100% recyclable.

It is named Stardust ONE because it is the first engine represent human being to soaring the space. It’s original design is outlined by simple and beautiful lines and the size is optimized for one kid to play.

Stardust One has flappable wings and an easy dis/assembly wrap drive that allows it to stand up in the corner to save space.

Kids can not only develop their coloring skills, common sense and cognitive ability by coloring in his printed outline by almost any kind of coloring tools or decoration. It can also develop their Social and Emotional Skills, Language Skills, Thinking Skills and Nurturing the Imagination.


Suitable Age3+
Assembled SizeW77.5 x D69.0 x H39.0 cm
Shipping SizeW50.5 x D6.2 x H33.5 cm
Shipping Weight1.08 kgs.

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