PNO#: 14822

My Own Airplane

紙製可穿戴玩具飛機 (2019 New)

Age 3+

Unique Design

Art Activity & Customize by coloring and decoring

Final Assembly Dimensions: Nose-to-Tail 83cm(32.7"), Wing-to-Wing 87cm(34.25"); Height 51cm(20")

Stroage Size: 83cm x 38cm x 51cm(H) 32.7" x 15" x 20"(H)

opening for child is 30 x 36cm (12" x 14")


The wings can be folded up to reduce the storage width from 87cm to only 38cm. The rear flat design allows the aircraft to stand up and save space when placed at home.


Suitable Age3+
Assembled SizeW87.0 x D83.0 x H51.0 cm
Shipping SizeW47.5 x D6.2 x H36.5 cm
Shipping Weight1.11 kgs.

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