PNO#: 12487

My Vendor Cart

Cardboard Vendor Cart

  • Age 3+ (Recommended for 6+)
  • Made of 100% paper
  • Easy to assemble


Fully Upgraded, More fun

FPF's vendor cart has undergone 5 revisions since it was released in 2016 andreceived a comprehensive upgrade in 2018.

Stronger wheel

The wheels are now more durable by making up of 3 layers of cardboard insteadof the original 2 layers cardboard.

Retractable Handles

Stronger and retractable handles - no more things stand out when it is onhold.

Upgraded Storage

The storage is divided into upper and lower compartments, you can now sortand put the items inside. Besides, you cannow lock the storage!

Put the product on the shelf is so easy

The cart is now featured display sheleves on both left and right sides, theitems can be easily put and displayed onthe shelves.

More Solid

The improved internal structure increases the load, the wheel bearing islifted, and the durability is improved. Whole cart has become stronger.

Assemble easier

The pillars that connect the roof can now be assembled separately, it makesthe assembly becomes easier.


Suitable Age3+
Assembled SizeW46.8 x D61.0 x H125.0 cm
Shipping SizeW61.5 x D8.9 x H41.6 cm
Shipping Weight3.00 kgs.

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